GRACO High-Pressure Proportioners

NEW : Reactor™ E-10hp


Ideal for small to medium projects such as terraces, pools, balconies, tanks, truck bedliners, containment and waterproofing.

  • Heats material fast
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Uses standard residential electrical outlets: no generator needed

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Integrated Proportioning System

Reactor™ E-30i et E-XP2i

A complete system for polyurethane foam or polyurea applications, the integrated series of Reactor proportioning systems combines an electric Reactor and a diesel generator into one package. Complete turnkey models are also available with an integrated air compressor.

  • Improves productivity
  • Eliminates costly power issues
  • Saves diesel fuel costs
  • Saves time

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Electric Proportioners

Reactor™ E-Series: E-20, E-30, E-XP1, E-XP2

Preferred choice for medium- to high-output foam or coatings applications. Equipped with material data and system diagnostics, Reactor E-Series proportioners provide total control.

  • Circulation valves with longer-lasting seals
  • Longer-lasting mpdular heater control boards that reduce downtime
  • Heat transformers that don't require tap settings

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Hydraulic Proportioners

Reactor™ H-Series: H-25, H-40, H-50, H-XP2, H-XP3, H-VR

Top of the line equipment for high-production professionals. Graco's line of hydraulic Reactors brings increased yield and performance to high-output spraying. Hydraulic systems are the choice of spraying professionals who want to reap the benefits of the latest spraying technologies and add productivity to boost their bottom line.

  • Adjustable pressure imbalance for tighter or looser ratio error detection
  • Flexibility to change A or B pumps for fixed ratio application oher than 1:1

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