Small equipment

A range of profesionnal products for floors preparation and primer / finishing application.

- Floor coaters, to apply your primes or topcoats.

- Technical squeedge, take theprenez le support, choisisez la raclette souple : lisse, dentelée... You're ready to apply.

- Abrasive pads for floor grinding/ finishingpour ponçage diamant, give us the brand of your product, we offer your the right pad for your job.


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Complementary products

Singular points treatment, pigments, solvent, signalétique ...

- TechniBande : Waterproofing band, two layer for singular point treatment.

- FlexiBande : Waterproofing band highly flexible, customized for complex and irregula geometrical shapes.

- Mastic PU : Polyurethane mastic for expansion joints and caulking.

- PIGMENT 900 : Pigment for Hypertop finishibg tinting.

- Quartz 3/8 : Quartz color grain between 0,3 and 0,8 mm, to realize slip resistant Floor in addition to Hypertop products.

 - FAST 200 : Accelerating to speed up PU200 dying time when temperature < 15°C. 

- SOLVANT 200 : Diluent allow to apply the PU200 with airless spray gun. 



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