Polyurea coating

Purecoat BH834 : pure Polyurea two component coating, 100% Solid,  quick-setting, to be applied on steel, concrete, polyurethane foam, fiberglass and many other materials... Applied with GRACO high pressure multi component machine, tack free time is only few seconds, you can walk on it within minutes and the traffic can take place after 12 ours.  


Main uses:

§ Roof waterproofing, tank waterproofing, pool waterproofing, retention

      zones waterproofing...

§   Industrial floor coating,

§ Protective coating for all kinds of materials.


Colours : according to RAL colour chart.


PURECOAT BH834 application


Purecoat BC875  : pure Polyurea two component coating, cold application, for small areas,  repairs, or those who dont want to buy a GRACO machine right away. It can be applied with a squeege, gel time is about 50 mn and curing takes 12 hours.


Main uses:

§ Small surfaces waterproofing and poorly accessible places where it's  hard to bring a machine.
§ Restoration and the repair of damaged areas.

Colours : Dark grey only.