Liquid waterproofing

Cold applied polyurethane waterproofing systems

Protecto PU200 : monocomponant liquid applied polyurethane waterproofing, aromatic. Once applied and cured you have a continuous an elastic material, perfectly waterproof. Fit on all kinds of materials and surfaces for new build or renovation.


Main uses:

§ Roof waterproofing and renovation.

Colours : Grey, white, Gris,  blanc,  tile red  
PROTECTO PU200 application with squeege

Protecto PU200_TR : monocomponant aliphatic polyurethane waterproofing, transparant, once applied and cured you have a completely waterproof membrane.


Main uses:

§ Can be applied on : tiling, natural stone, wood, concrete, stainless steel.

Colours : Clear only.