Preparation, waterproofing, protection, renovating, finishing ...All profesionnal products choosen with care for the best result.


Polyurea coating: two component polyurea protective coating, 100% solid when applied. Used for waterproofing and surfaces protection against wear and corrosion. Tack free on few seconds and walkable within minutes, elongation > 300%, zero VOC.


Liquid waterproofing: single component liquid applied polyurethane waterproofing system, easy to apply and fluid. Its caracteristics allows it to be installed on almost all surfaces even over irregular substrates.

Primer: a primer to match each application, you just have to chose among them, according to specificities  of job sites.

Topcoat: two component aliphatic topcoat, high resistance to chemical and UV exposure, tintable according to RAL colour chart. 

Small equipment and complementary products: products applicators for primer and topcoat. Pigments, accelerating agent, solvent, adhesives strip to strengthen singular points, polyuréthane filler for expansion joints and small sealing …